Invitation to the Modern Couples's exhibition at the Centre Pompidou Metz, France. (Ellen Coopers Paris)
This exhibition looks into creative pair-work and the mechanisms of an artistic companionship: does each approach dissolve into one, are they complementary or do they oppose each other? Here, are explored the creative processes and artistic approaches which interact and evolve within the intimacy of a twosome to give us a broader understanding of Art History and the soul and fringes of its essential movements.

"wood" magazine

Creation, writing and production of the entire "Wood" magazine, which is the result of an editorial exercise following the creation of five masks.

hello hossy

Creation and production of patterns for children's caps combining originality and modernity.


Creation and production of a new template for the Wendel's letter to shareholders (Ellen Coopers Paris)

Label chaussette

As I really like the work and concept of Label Chaussette, I decided to participate to the socks contest #DessineMoiLabelChaussette with a design that takes recurring shapes from my sketchbook that I decided to list as a shape directory.

Creation of textile design collections for charities.
Waah® is the first French brand of solidarity clothing.


Promotional and advertising campaigns for the Akhilleus association

Writing, layout and production of an edition on a trip to Tenerife.


Création et réalisation du style graphique et de la mise en page pour la nouvelle plaquette corporate d’APRR.
APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône) est l’une des sociétés chargées de l’exploitation d’un réseau autoroutier français. APRR appartient au consortium Eiffarie. APRR est le deuxième groupe autoroutier en France.

les écritures de la "s"

All the writings and signs in this edition were created during a typography workshop which I held at La "S" Grand Atelier, Vielsalm, Belgium, during a residency. All have been isolated and classified by typography weights and frequency of occurrence, in ascending order from the Latin alphabet to invented signs.


Creation and production of posters and invitation cards to promote Hexagone. (Ellen Coopers Paris)

bureau veritas

Creation of visual identity for Bureau Veritas "Let's make IT" campaign. Realisation of a brochure and posters. (Ellen Coopers Paris)

Mini-edition series around the sign in outsider art. These books each include 42 signs from a artwork/part of a artwork by James Hampton and Fernando Nannetti.


Creation and production of a press advertisement. (Ellen Coopers Paris)

auprès de mon arbre

This project takes the form of several editions.
It represents a year with a tree, several visits per week: reprint the imprint of its bark using a paper and a charcoal, harvest the leaves that surround it in autumn to make monotypes, take photos of those around him, write when I went there, reproduce these different colors according to the seasons with oil pastel pencils,...
It's a project that doesn't only make sense in its final form, the edition, but which is above all in its approach.

Social media infographic flyer

Marine kaiser

Portfolio made in collaboration with the artist Marine Kaiser.
In her performances, Marine plays with the language and its words, singing and its different intonations. We wanted to play with the idea of "showing my word" through a photoshoot of her editions.
A1 size / A4 folded / 3 folds / 10 pleated / matte white paper / 80 g / digital printing / 20 copies for the moment / 19 hours to exchange / 16 hours to make / 12 appointments / 48 e-mails / 33 sms / 2 fonts used / 2 teas / 2 coffees / 1 hot chocolate / 1 beer / 4 parts cake / 176 photographs / 5 used / 1 damaged plant / 14 proposals / 1 deduction / project discussed with 8 people.